Serving Conferences and Weddings Across America!

With over 10 years of experience!

Serving Conferences and Weddings Across America!

Serving weddings and conferences for over 10 years! 

What We Do

For Over A Decade...

I have been serving wedding couples and conferences to help them get the best possible videos in the fastest way possible! My clients don't wait Months (or even weeks) to see their videos. I have pushed myself to create a system that allows us to produce your videos on the spot. Yes. Same DAY Edits! 🤯

Same Day Edits?!

YES! For weddings it makes it so you can relive your day immediately. For Conferences, imagine getting to capitalize on the hype of the event that just ended with an epic promo!


In order to have a turnaround that fast you know we are organized and have a TON of experience shooting and editing videos!

Raw Footage

Don't tell any other videographer in the industry this but I'll even give you the raw footage if you want it. 🤫

What We Do For You

Anywhere You Are

We LOVE a long road trip. We have traveled from one coast to another to shoot videos for clients. Weddings on the beaches in Charleston, SC to the cliffs of California. Conferences taking place in  Chicago all the way to cruises to Mexico!

Raw Footage

Don't tell other videographers in the industry but, I don't mind giving you the raw footage at no extra charge. Just request it. 😁

Fast Editing

One thing that helped my business get off the ground back in 2014 was the ability to edit videos faster than anyone else while retaining quality. I started performing Same Day Edits which is where I shoot and edit a video at the wedding and show it on a projector!

I then found that conferences love the ability to be able to have a highlight as soon as the conference was over. You don't have to wait months in order to see your video. Even if you opt out of a Same Day Edit, you won't be waiting long to have your videos! :-)

Drone Coverage

Drone coverage is available at no extra cost as long as we can make sure of 4 things:

1) The weather permits

2) Your event timeline permits - I don’t want to rush to get drone shots, risk missing other shots, or put the event off schedule.

3) The geographical area where the event is located is in class G airspace or a waiver can be received from the FAA to fly in that airspace. Let me know your location and I will look into it for you. :-)

4) The Venue where the event is located is ok with it.

where we do it

We’ve Been There

So Alyssa (My wife) and I found out a few years ago that we LOVE to travel. We even took 2 months and traveled across America camping out of the back of our Honda CR-V, crazy right?!? 😂

Ever since then we have been longing to get back on the road full time so that's what we are doing! We are fully location independent so no matter where your conference or wedding is located in America, we are open and excited to travel to you to capture it!

Meet Matt

Hi, nice to virtually meet you!

I got my start with video back my senior year of high school circa 2009-2010(!) I took a journalism class where I had to shoot and edit videos for my school and I fell in love with the process.

Over the past 12-13 years I've had the chance to shoot everything from small 4 person elopements in Downtown Charleston, SC to cliffside weddings in California all the way to giant conferences in cities like Philly, Chicago, Dallas, LA, Orlando and even on a cruise ship!

Some fun facts about me: I really enjoy traveling and seeing new things, I love Christmas time, and I enjoy talking to others about business!


What they say

Camila C.


From start to finish, I couldn’t be more pleased with Re-Peet Productions and their level of service. Matt was always helpful, friendly, and responsive. On the day of the wedding, he and his second shooter navigated through the day and we hardly even noticed they were there - but WOW, the final result?! Such beautifully captured and edited images that we can enjoy on video forever. Thank you Matt!

Jared E.

Conference Founder

I love Matt Peet like a fat kid loves cake! His group was not only professional, but fun to work with. The final product of the video & audio captured exceeded our expectations! Matt Peet over delivers!

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