About Us

It all started in high school...

Hi My name is Matt Peet, let me tell you a little about how I got to where I am!

Have you ever watched the best tv show in the world that was created in the 90's titled "Boy Meets World"? (it's on Disney+ if you wanna catch up to this reference)

Well in that show Cory had a teacher/principle named Mr. Feeny who was basically Cory's teacher every year of high school. I had a teacher just like that. In 7th grade Mr. Boykin started teaching at my school and he would be a teacher of mine every year until I graduated. My senior year he taught a Journalism class where we had to find stories around school and create videos around those stories for the schools website.

Now at first I wanted very little to do with the video process. My group found a story, shot the video, and got back to class and all looked at each other when we asked who was going to edit it. Me, wanting to make sure I got an A, decided I would learn how to edit video so I could get a good grade.

I Fell in LOVE with making videos!

I enjoyed it so much I did things like buying a giant green screen to play with. I went full nerd on this new hobby.

It got to the point where Mr. Boykin joked about me starting a video business and calling it... "Re-Peet Productions" because my last name is Peet. Well the name stuck.

I went off to college as undecided because the college I could afford didn't offer video production. After about a week I decided to go into graphic design because it was the closest to what I wanted to do.

Through college I continued to work on video production and started an internship my junior year with a local wedding videographer who showed me how to 10x my quality and speed. That internship changed my life!

I learned how to create wedding Same Day Edits so I can shoot and edit wedding highlights at the wedding! Once I learned how to do that I was off-to-the-races as they say. It was my goal to capture as many weddings as possible and I did just that!

When I graduated college I immediately got a job doing graphic design but I was driving 1.5 hours each way to this job and wasn't making enough money to live closer. Each drive I listened to a podcast called "Entrepreneur On Fire" and it had me fired up in my business. I was able to quit that job within 3 months and go full time into weddings!

A little after that I reached out to that podcast host and offered to shoot a video for him because I wanted a chance to meet him and give him a little value since he had given me so much!

We (My wife Alyssa and I) got the opportunity to go to Texas to shoot a video for John Lee Dumas while he was keynote speaking at a conference. We were able to use my Same Day Edit skills to shoot a video for him and edit it the same day so he could show it as part of his keynote speech!

Well when the conference organizers saw that, they wanted to be able to do that themselves, so ever since then I've been working with conferences to create high quality highlight videos that they have finished on-site so they can use to promote and showcase their event!

That is the short version of how Weddings and Conferences became such a huge part of my business and life!

So What does it all mean?

Because of all of our experiences and what our goals are, we have set a limit to how many events we shoot each year.

We used to shoot as many as we possibly could and it had us shooting weddings every weekend and then traveling for weeks at a time for conferences.

We would hit burnout each year around November as we were finishing up our weddings for the year.

Now we only take 10 weddings and 5 conferences per year so we can really enjoy the ones we get to do and put 100% into each one!

Some Fun Facts :-)

We Both LOVE travel!

Through all of that wedding and conference shooting we had the chance to travel. A lot.

Alyssa and I traveled all over America. We have shot in, Philly, Chicago, Dallas, LA, Santa Barbara, Charleston, Georgia, Park City Utah, and even had a chance to shoot FOR DISNEY inside of Magic Kingdom before the park opened! 🤯

We love traveling so much that we decided to make it part of our identity and decided to leave normal life behind and start traveling. Now we live where we want and shoot weddings and conferences all over America!

I Love Christmas!

So I am one of those weird people that start celebrating on November 1st and my guilty pleasure is watching Christmas movies in August

Each year I do a timelapse of my family and I putting up my parents Christmas tree. You can watch this one in 360°. Click and drag to change the perspective. :-)

Also, here is a countdown to Christmas so you can share in the joy with me.

Remind me to reset this timer. It ended on 12/25 😅


Christmas Countdown!

ALLLLL of that to say,

We love what we get to do so...

if you are looking for someone who has a passion for making videos and is willing to travel to you, then get in touch with us today and let's chat to see if we are a great fit!

Click the button below to head over to our booking page, fill out that form and we'll talk soon! :-)