Why is Conference Video so important?

For some reason, Conference Video seems to be one of the elements of a conference that many hosts think they need to grow into. As a result, I've seen it so many times where a new conference will opt to bargain for so they can get it free. unfortunately, It's usually a mistake.

Conference Video

First off, well-produced conference videos can make or break future marketing and event attendance. Second, Bad videos leave you without any marketing material when it comes to video. Finally, good conference video footage give you the ability to create more content than just the one video.

Here is what Bad bargaining looks like when it comes to your Conference Videos:

Conferences have a lot of people that want a free ride. For instance, someone that wants to come but also know how to do video to some extent. Because of this, they reach out to the conference and ask to exchange video for a ticket. Due to the conference being new they are looking out for their budget, understandably, they decide to trade the ticket for video.

Finally, a couple months after the conference they get a video back that has stock video mixed in, some sub-par video clips, or even... pictures 😢. Whereas pictures are also important, they don't always belong in a highlight video. Because of that, the video is not really not something you want to use to show off your conference but it's the only media you have.

The Biggest problem...

Basically, someone wanting to exchange their service for a ticket wants to go to your event. Therefore they want to attend, not work. As a result, your bargain videographer ends up sitting in on the sessions and attending the event instead of focusing on making a killer video.

Above all, this leads to you getting a video that's half-done, low quality, and doesn't make your event look good most of the time. Although the bargain videographer may have good intentions, it ultimately harms your event because you don't have quality media to show for all of your hard work.

All things considered, you have put in SO much work creating an event and putting your hard earned money into making it happen and you are taking a huge risk to give your attendees a good time. However once the event is over, what do you have to show for it?

The BIG problem...Most of it goes away.
But Your Conference Videos Don't.

Before, when I used to shoot weddings full time, I would see couples spend THOUSANDS of dollars on food and flowers and then try to find a videographer for cheap. Ultimately, when their wedding is over... the food is gone, the flowers die and they have a bad video.

Once your event is over, the experiences you and your sponsors paid for are done. Certainly do not miss the opportunity to catch it on video in the best way possible! 

Most conferences that I know of plan on having more events that means you need to market and advertise your future events. Consequently, Imagine putting all of your time and effort into creating your event and going to sell tickets to the next event but all of your media is low quality.

All things being considered, saving that money on a professional conference video now could ultimately cost you a lot of fast growth and a lot of money in the long run. I like to think long term and your event needs to be built for the long term as well.

How can good conference videos be used?

Imagine you are 10 years in the future, your event is achieving all of your goals and then some! Obviously, being able to have great footage (P.S. you should definitely find someone that will give you your RAW footage) of your conference through the years would be priceless.

Priceless for your growth over the years, and for the legacy of the event you created. Overall, you will have documented your events growth through the years, created amazing marketing collateral, and likewise be able to find even more attendees for your next event.

In conclusion, a bad bargain can cost you the ability to effectively market and advertise your event. Furthermore, that bad video usually can't be turned into good leverage for your brand. However, good conference video can be used to highlight your past event, promote future events, and the footage can be repurposed for SO many other pieces of content.

Given these points, having a Professional Conference Video should be accounted for in your budget, even (especially) during your early years! 

While you are at it, Don't forget the photos!

Conference Video

Equally important is photography. I recommend using Rachel Heimerman for your conference photography. I've worked with her on many occasions and she works just as hard as we do. 

Can You Bargain With A Pro Conference Videographer?

Short answer, yes. You can bargain with a pro. 

However It's not easy or likely.

Likely, a pro is not going to work with you for a free ticket to your event, they know they are there to work. logically, how would they work your event without being able to get in. In order to shoot video, It's a given that they get a ticket

A good bargain needs to be a win-win. I believe that both parties need to feel like they are getting more value than what they charge. ultimately, it is difficult to come up with an agreement where both parties feel like they are getting outstanding value. Also, us videographers are running a business just as you are so we have to make money at the end of the day.

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Matt Peet

Hi, I am the owner of Re-Peet Productions. My wife and I travel around the country shooting videos for conferences! My love for video goes back to 2009 and have been videoing events ever since!