Back in 2019 Alyssa and I took a 2 month road trip in our Honda Cr-V!

When I say we used our CR-V I mean we had a loft bed in the back and camped all the way around America and it changed our outlook on life!

We got our start in South Carolina at our family's house and went north toward Wisconsin for my Grandpa's memorial service. We got to visit my grandma and go canoeing on her lake.

When we parted ways from my Granny Lu we headed straight for Glacier National Park. Along the way we found this cute little town just outside of Theodore Roosevelt National Park called Medora where we spent the better part of a day hanging out and walking around.

We then worked our way across Montana and made it to Glacier National Park and it was even better than we thought! We spent 3 days in east Glacier at the Rising Sun Campground.

We had to force ourselves to leave Glacier but loved the Going To The Sun Road on our way across. We spent a few hours in west Glacier but had to keep pushing on or we would fall behind on our timeline. We could have stayed there for weeks though!

Luckily our next stop wasn't far away. We camped on some private family land in Whitefish Montana and hung out in that ski town for a few days and we now consider it our second home. It is so magnificent there!

After trying all of the local food and hanging out in the woods a few days we made our way south because we had to see what all the fuss was about with Yellowstone National Park!

Yellowstone smells like rotten eggs but it is gorgeous and has an outstanding amount of wildlife! We saw so many Bison and elk in that park it made that whole part of the trip worth it! We also swam at one the swimming holes which was a great time as well!

Unfortunately all of the campsites were filled up at Yellowstone so we did some stealth camping for one night and moved down to the Grand Tetons!

Grand Tetons National Park blew me away! We mainly stayed at one campground and went on a walk through the forest on the lake with the Tetons as a backdrop. We even got to go kayaking for a few hours and ALMOST didn't make it back to shore in time because the lake had dried up part of our passage way πŸ˜‚

Leaving Grand Tetons we started heading west toward the coast but made a couple stops along the way!

First stop was for square ice cream at a random gas station in Idaho. Totally worth it. 😬

Next stop was in Twin Falls to kayak to Shashone Falls which was another crazy cool experience! Totally recommend. We even got to watch people parachute off of the bridge.

After that kayaking adventure we took off for hwy 101 in Oregon.

We hit the coast a couple of days latter and the next leg of our trip was all hwy 101 and hwy 1 down to southern California.

We got to see so many beautiful state parks and lighthouses in Oregon. Seriously, those parks are underrated, if you have the chance to stop at those coastal parks then do it!

We then crossed over into California!

The redwoods were crazy! I couldn't even begin to imagine how big those trees feel until you are actually standing up against one. We loved getting to see those big trees and we learned that they can grow anywhere in the US, our biggest regret was not bringing one back to plant in SC so in a couple hundred years there would be just one Gigantic tree in South Carolina. I wanted to be in that joke for the long haul πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

All of the coast was outstanding! There is a small town called Gualala (pronounced walala) and there is a hotel with a bar/restaurant in it and the owners are some of the nicest people ever! They told us the history of the hotel and how they are fixing it up. We got to eat there and the food was so good!

After some more coastal travel we ended up crossing the golden gate bridge! We had some in-n-out burger at the warf and had to head over to an REI to get our new air mattress replaced that had a slow leak. TBH I wasn't a huge fan of San Francisco. The homeless population was kinda crazy there so we didn't feel safe enough to stay any longer in the city so we pushed on through.

We made it down to Disneyland of course and spent a couple of days doing the Disney Stuff!

We then went to visit Alyssa's Grandparents in Crestline. We had to stop at Rosa Maria's in San Bernardino to grab a ration of Burritos first! Phenomenal Burritos!

We spent a few days visiting with Alyssa's grandparents at the top of the mountain and got rested up.

After our visit with them we had to start our trek back east which isn't something we typically look forward to but we still had some fun stops along the way!

We hung out with some great friends in New Mexico, drove the musical hwy on our way out, stopped by some cool camping spots in the desert where we went from being 65Β° to 120Β° in a matter of minutes on the interstate! Obviously we had to stop at the Big Texan steakhouse in Amarillo, one day I'll take on that 72 oz steak!

After that stop everything was a blur as we had to get back to NC to shoot a wedding for a couple that would end up becoming great friends!

that trip changed our lives forever and we can't wait to get back on the road so we made the decision to be location independent and travel full time for the foreseeable future.

We are so excited for this next stage in our life and we are looking forward to the people we will get to serve on our travels!

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