Check out the highlight video from this year's Podcast Movement Evolutions!

Calling all Podcasters!

Podcast Movement Evolutions is Podcast Movement's limited-attendance conference to inform people of changes in the podcasting industry whether it is tech or trends.

As the conference videographer,

I don't get to sit and listen to all of the sessions as I'm trying to capture a little bit of everything from the event but I do get a great experience of every aspect of the conference. I'm literally at every event, session, meet-up, and my favorite.. every party!

The conference photographer , Rachel Heimerman , grabbed this great photo as we crossed paths while capturing the early registration on day 1!

First of all, Podcast Movement knows how to put on a conference. If you haven't gone to one of their conferences then you should treat yourself and go to one.

Evolutions is another top-notch event put on by the team over at Podcast Movement. This year it had 4 different session rooms going on at once. Creator Track room 1, Creator Track room 2, Industry Track, and Professional track.

The Creator Track is for new and hobby podcasters who want to learn how to improve and grow their show. Some of the sessions included topics like how course creators are leveraging podcasting and steps to trigger the algorithm.

The Professional Podcaster track is for experienced podcasters and those who podcast for a living. Some of their sessions tackle subjects like  joining a network, working with brands, and using your podcast data.

The industry track covers topics like audio advertising, understanding your audience with a worldwide podcast, and creating a welcoming company culture in podcasting.

From the conference videographer perspective, all of the sessions seemed to go great! Some sessions even had standing room only such as the "Podcasting on Youtube" session with one of executives from youtube. 🤯  Aside from the sessions, networking is the main thing I hear people speaking highly about. SO many connections are made and as the saying goes, "Your Network is Your Net worth."

The expo hall was great as usual. Podcast Movement puts a lot of effort into getting great, relevant booths to fill its expo hall and it shows. There are always people smiling and ready to help at each booth. Getting the chance to interact with the people and services/products each booth has is a valuable addition to podcasters. Getting to test out mics from Deity or checking out the transcription feature from descript is invaluable! Also, A couple shout outs, Paramount and iHeart both provided excellent coffee experiences this year on each end of the expo hall and it was clear that everyone loved those booths! If you serve the podcasting industry then getting a booth at a Podcast Movement event is where you need to be!

I was so impressed by the attention to detail at the iHeart booth with these heart shaped straws. It took me a quite a few tries to get this photo. 😅 good job iHeart!
The barista's you had were out-of-this-world impressive!

The parties are some of the best parties I've ever been to. They find that perfect balance of networking and party and then crank it to 11. The main party was sponsored by iHeart radio and that company doesn't pull any punches when throwing a party. This year they brought in DJ Paris Hilton! I didn't even know she became a DJ but she was surprisingly great at it and everyone had a blast! Each of the parties feels like it is crafted to be equal parts networking and party with a ton of great food. 

Overall Experience is that if you are into podcasting and want to stay at the top of the industry, grow your network, and have a great time, then you will enjoy Podcast Movement Evolutions.

"Work Mode"

"Party Mode"

P.S. want to see a 360 degree photo from the iHeart party with Paris Hilton? check it out on my facebook page!!

P.P.S. If you have a conference/event that you want to have captured on video then let's connect!

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