I've been shooting videos for over 10 years now. With that comes a lot of videos and a lot of growth. My style is always growing and improving so rather than showing you every single one of my videos, I've selected a few to drop on this page to give you a sample of my work.



Podcast Movement

Podcast Movement and I go way back to 2015! I was introduced to this conference while I was shooting a video for John Lee Dumas and I've had the honor of working with this conference ever since! 

John Lee Dumas at Funnel Hacking Live!

I got to shoot this highlight video of JLD at Funnel Hacking Live and it was phenomenal! I even had the chance to go backstage and meet Russel Brunson and Tod Dickerson! 🤯 

I even got the chance to connect with Steve Larsen and we got to do some work together!

Podcast Movement Evolutions 2022

What do Paris Hilton, Will Ferrell, and a ton of awesome podcasters have in common? They were all at Podcast Movement Evolutions 2022 and you missed out! Don't miss next year!

Steve Larsen!

Steve Larsen understands online business like most people don't. This is a promo for his "Dead Funnels Don't Lie" Course where he teaches you how to think like a Chief Marketing officer and shows you his entire breakdown of his funnel building process. I promise there is more that goes into it than you think. Get this course on his website deadfunnelsdon'

High Performing Ad

This video was used as a display ad for Podcast Movement, that's why the captions are baked in! People wouldn't have to turn the sound on to get the content.

From the client - "Fun fact, this is the best performing asset by a long-shot. That was the case on Twitter, Fb, and YouTube."

Puerto Rico Mastermind

Just before the world shut down we had the chance to fly down to Puerto Rico and capture this highlight video and I would do it again tomorrow if the opportunity presented itself!

Such a fun experience getting to learn from Pat Flynn, hang out on cool excursions, and capture gorgeous video!

Alison J Prince at Funnel Hacking Live!

While I was at Funnel hacking live shooting video for John Lee Dumas, Meeting Russel Brunson, Tod Dickerson, and Steve Larsen, I also got to shoot this video for Alison Prince! 🤯 That conference is top notch with the highest level entrepreneurs! Definitely get your tickets for the next one at

Mastermind Retreat

Retreats are always a fun place to capture video. I get to really focus in on people with a small group and it's always fun getting to know the people!

This is the Total Life Freedom Mastermind retreat in St. Augustine Florida 2022!

Podcast Cruise

Ok, This event happened way back in 2017 but it was such a fun even I couldn't help but include it.

I'm all about shooting conferences, especially those on cruise ships. 😬


Charleston, SC

Call me a softy but this couple only hired me for 4 hours of coverage but when I heard that their first dance song was a recording by the brides best friend that couldn't make it to the wedding, I knew I had to stay.

The bride had no idea her friend had recorded it for them so when she heard her friend, she lost it... and then so did I.

Santa Barbara, CA

WOW! I've shot a lot of weddings on the beach back in Charleston, SC but this was a first for me. We shot this wedding at the Ritz Carlton on the cliffs of California overlooking the ocean!

Phenomenal doesn't begin to describe it

Columbia, SC

I had never even been to the botanical gardens in Columbia South Carolina and I grew up only a couple hours away. It was an outstanding experience to have the place to ourselves and to get such amazing shots with this fun couple!