You have a conference and you are trying to think of all of the pro's and con's of hiring a videographer.

Let's talk about one major way you can use video AT your conference that could make it all worth it and then some!

The main reason you want to hire a videographer for your event is to get footage so you can have a promo video of your event so people can get a feel for your conference and build excitement and awareness to sell tickets. I've even had an attendee of a conference say they weren't sure what kind of clothes to bring so they watched my video to see what everyone was wearing. Who would have thought the video would be used in that way!

So, since your main goal is to get a video to use for promotion... why not have the promo highlight ready by the end of the conference?!

Some Conference video teams even go so far as to have mini highlights ready each day of the conference.

Why pay extra (or ask your team) to pump out a highlight video by the end of the conference? Is it really that great?

Through the course of an event people get a "Conference High" where they have been networking, relaxing, learning, and planning their lives around the new information they are getting from your conference. They are excited (to say the least) at what how this conference can change their lives.

Having a video to show them the exciting conference they just experienced gives them one last boost of motivation right before they leave your event. It leaves them on a high note!

Having that video done on-site also allows you to share that to Social media immediately so your guests can share interact with you and share it to their followers while they are on that high. Many of the attendees will have bosses to answer to about how the conference went. Others will have spouses or partners asking how it went. Being able to show them a video immediately after the event helps them with that!

This can also be a good selling point for any sponsors, just make sure your videographer knows to include a cool shot of their logo. 😉

When you are speaking with video production companies talk with them to make sure that is something they can accomplish. Most companies will have hire a dedicated editor to make sure it can be accomplished.

Here is my selfish plug 🙂 I learned how to speed edit for weddings performing "Same Day Edits" where I would shoot and edit a wedding while AT the wedding. I would show the wedding highlight at the couples reception before they left! Because of that, editing an On-Site-Sizzle for conferences is much less stressful. Best of all, I don't have to hire someone extra to bring so it saves you a few thousand dollars.

If you want to talk about having an On-Site-Sizzle highlight created for your conference head over to the "book now" page and schedule a time for us to chat. We only take a few conferences a year but contacting us allows us to put a soft hold on your date if we have it available! Sign up for the no obligation chat today!

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Matt Peet

Hi, I am the owner of Re-Peet Productions. My wife and I travel around the country shooting videos for conferences! My love for video goes back to 2009 and have been videoing events ever since!