The day was February 23rd, 2022. It was a Gorgeous, Sunny, 75º Florida day at the ocean in St. Augustine.

The Total Life Freedom(TLF) retreat starts today and I am excited for a couple reasons.

 For one, the TLF retreats are a highlight for me because of how much growth happens in our lives and businesses. The second reason I'm excited is because I'm there to create a video of the event!

We kick the day off with a big group session where someone leads us on a topic that can help us in business. Within the first session a theme comes up that would become the theme of the entire retreat. The theme is "I decided" and the goal is to take away a decision from the retreat.

After we found that theme we broke down into smaller 6 person groups. Over the next day we would spend hours going through each person doing deep dives into whatever they needed help with. It is SO helpful to get high quality people to give a third person perspective on our issues.

I was in-and-out of each group since I was getting video. I would go from group to group looking for any cool shots, creative angles, and good interaction. I noticed that each group's conversation was so in depth and potentially life changing I was genuinely impressed with the quality of these conversations. SO many decisions being made!

Some people talking about paying off their home mortgage early, someone talking about the best method for growing their business, someone even was in a position to open a community theater as a passion project because she got her businesses to a point where they run themselves!

During my session I decided it was time to be more direct in asking for referrals from my happy clients. It sounds like a small decision but because of my job I'm connected with a lot of very successful people. I also never want to abuse the relationships I've cultivated but we talked about how I love referring people to businesses I use. I frequently tell people about the TLF community in fact. I tell people about Podcast Movement and getting your Capitalist Pig shirt from! I love referring people to awesome businesses and I haven't been making it as easy for my clients to do the same for me.

After so many great meals, conversations, and group teaching sessions with these awesome people we were wrapping up the retreat at the fire pit in the back yard beside the putting range. The sun had set and people were starting to leave but this last session on storytelling was proving to be one of the best!

 Everyone gathered around the fire to listen to a really moving story unfold by one of the members. We even had Dan Hinz (A youtube producer who tells stories for a living) Vincent Pugliese and John Stange (both of them have written books), Kent Sanders (a ghost writer), and so many more awesome entrepreneur minded people to give us some tips on telling stories!

Sadly that it when I had to leave the retreat. A few people were able to stay the night and go out and get drinks and food. We said our goodbye's and left St. Augustine to head back to my home behind Magic Kingdom!

I can honestly say I can not wait for the next Total Life Freedom Retreat! 

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Matt Peet

Hi, I am the owner of Re-Peet Productions. My wife and I travel around the country shooting videos for conferences! My love for video goes back to 2009 and have been videoing events ever since!